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Digital Foreplay: The Truth About Online Dating

Online dating is changing the way people create and develop relationships.

Many people, whether they are young or old, are using online dating sites to build relationships. A Pew Research study says more than three quarters of Americans have tried online dating. Apps like Tinder, and Plenty of Fish, and online sites like EHarmony have made online dating easier, and less of a taboo subject.

“It used to be where online dating was just for people that were a little socially challenged, and it was easier to be able to communicate behind a keyboard,” cyber dating expert Julie Spira said. “Because of Facebook being so multi-generational, you’re seeing grandparents, that are going on dating sites when they lose their spouse or to divorce, and you’re also seeing college students that are flocking to the mobile dating apps.”

These online sites offer an easy way for users to create online profiles, and add photos and plenty of other types of information that one normally wouldn’t get from an encounter in person. The dating sites are a way for people who are hesitant, to gain some info about a potential relationship beforehand.

“You know in the real world we have to interact, we have to engage,” Marriage and Family therapist Allison Cohen said. “But you can go online and you find out stats, hobbies, important information instantly.”

CSUN Psychology professor Luciana Lagana says these online profiles can be both revealing and deceptive.

“It’s different because you don’t really have to reveal much about yourself,” Lagana said. ” You don’t have to give off any vibes that let anybody know you’re nervous. You can pretend you’re very cool, so deception is involved.”

“The guys that aren’t tall will actually add two to three inches to their height,” Spira said. “Women tend to lie about their weight, and men tend to lie about other things, for example, financial means, and having a job.”

People want relationships that are both successful and fun, without too much risk. With the new online dating sites, and the ability to check out mobile apps, the resources available are making the process easier and increasing people’s chances of success.

“You need to have a profile on more than one dating site, and be diligent about it, just like you would if you were looking for a job,” Spira said. “Understand it’s a numbers game, and get back out there and go on more dates, because the more dates you go on, the better dater you become.”


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